Phil Pulido is a lifelong resident of the Tidewater, Virginia area.  For the last 30 years he has lived near the Cape Henry lighthouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean join.  Phil's love of the sea started when he was a small boy fishing and boating on the bay and continued as a young man employed at a local shipyard.  During these years Phil sailed the Chesapeake Bay in his 19 foot knockabout and most of the time he had sawdust and paint on his clothes from buying, repairing, and reselling motor and sail boats. Over time he progressively increased the size with each boat.  In the 1980s when Phil wasn't sailing catamarans off the beach he was carving "half hulls".

Phil preserves the boundaries of tradition of half hulls and enjoys the artistic freedom to express his feeling for the shape of the hull as the early ship builders did experimenting with configurations  and forms. He believes that his work is more in line with folk art rather than replicating scale model designs. Phil gets great satisfaction in searching for and using salvaged woods from recycled oak pallets to recovered wood from old barns and demolished structures. Many of his models are made with 50 to 100 year old reclaimed wood. Phil offers his hulls to folks who appreciate the history of "Half Hulls".